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in to the breach

I want to find models to take photos for one of my many ideas but I am too shy to ask any one. the problem is that I lack the courage to ask any of the people i want to use. they are to beautiful. I feel shy and a bit like a pervert.

I will have to get over this as I want to have an exhibition. which needs work. which needs models. 

the things that theory that interests me is identity and the morning after events.
the female form, crowds and low light are the areas that interested me aesthetically

what to do now?

man up and ask people

get regretted

and eventually find the a muse  

casino royale

just re-watched casino royale after being told that I need to watch it by  a work friend.  

the first half of the flim is forgettable. i say this because i forgot that I have seen it now at least twice and cant really remember the first hour.  it has not dialog to hold my interest and the action is okay but it lacks the cleverness of spy movies that I have seen recently.   

the second have was not much better.  it did have the most remember-able scene in the movie and the finale was pretty.  yet the sum total of the movie was nothing spectacular. I saw it but now I wont have to rewatch it any time soon

* * * 

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